Mighty Marketing


 July 31, 2016 Comment 0

Mighty Marketing   Do you remember the Mighty Mouse cartoons from days gone by?  (I really hope I am not the only one who can remember those cartoons!)  Our little hero became focused on whatever he saw as an obstacle or a threat.  Because he was not a very big mouse he had to make … Continue reading Mighty Marketing

5 Habits We MUST Develop Quickly


 July 27, 2016 Comment 0

5 Habits Every Entrepreneur (and Every Individual) Should Develop   Whoa … slow down!  Sometimes when I am going through the heaps and stacks of my “Great Ideas” that I have collected over the past 30+ years I end up going in circles and getting a bit dizzy.  But I had to do it because … Continue reading 5 Habits We MUST Develop Quickly

Question Everything!


 July 23, 2016 Comment 0

Question Everything! Questions will very often result in business success.  Since very few businesses exist that do not have to sell something, I will concentrate this article on the necessity of sales and marketing for business growth and business success.  Sure, there are businesses that seem to not need to sell anything … businesses like … Continue reading Question Everything!