My name is Carolina and I have been an English teacher for over 14 years. I started out my career teaching English and Portuguese at Col Marista to students who have learning difficulties for a little over a year. At the same time, I was a freshman at the UFPR majoring in English. Afterwards, I focused more in private tutoring which I have perfected throughout my career. I have had students ranging from small toddlers to senior citizens, from company CEOs to blue-collard workers.  Students from around the world and my personal experiences travelling and living abroad have helped me improve my teaching techniques as they’ve made me realize the different cultural and linguistic perceptions of the English language. I’ve also worked for many English schools and still use some of their books and tools which I deemed useful for all my students. The market needs have shaped my work opportunities and so, I have specialized in tutoring students who are going to take English Proficiency Tests such as the TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS with which I’ve had great results. I have also had experience teaching at cursinhos pre-vestibular, specifically a non-profit which prepares under-privileged students for the UFPR’s vestibular. I have also worked in pre-schools teaching English to babies, toddlers and small children which was, by far, my greatest challenge. I was raised in a bilingual environment and studied for many years in an American school perfecting my accent and understanding of English speaking culture. At the University, I was able to study and use Linguistics as a very helpful tool for students who desired to hone their pronunciation skills.

If, by any chance you are interested in having an experimental class, please feel free to contact me at 41 988-244-214